Please submit your answers to the following questionnaire to by 11:59pm Eastern on August 18th to be on the ballot for the August YGUS elections. 


What is your name? * 

What is your city and state? *

What is your age?  *

Are you a member of your state Green Party? (Find your state party information at *

Have you paid your annual Youth Caucus dues? *

What position are you self-nominating for? *

Are you able to commit at least 10 hours/month to this position? *

The Young Greens interpret the 10 Key Values and the GPUS Platform as anti-capitalist, anti-oppression/intersectional, anti-colonialist, and politically independent. Does that align with your political outlook? *

Are there any of the Green Party's 10 Key Values that you believe are of particular importance right now for Young Greens? *

Please tell us if and why you believe the Green Party is the political imperative right now as opposed to other parties or exclusively non-electoral movements? *

Do you identify with or are you a member of any political organizations or parties in addition to the Greens?  *

What experience do you have in organizing? Please clarify any movement, electoral, or student group organizing experience.  * 

What are initiatives that you would like to begin within the caucus--both generally and within the understanding of the designated role you are applying for? *

What ideas do you have for a vibrant program for Young Greens chapters--both on campuses (college & high school) and any Youth Caucus chapters at the state and local level? *

What schools have you been or are you currently affiliated with?  *

Are you willing to reach out to people at these schools, regardless of whether you serve on the steering committee or not?  *

We hope to raise money for a part-time staff organizer. Do you have any ideas for how to raise money for the Young Greens?  *

What other skills, resources, and ideas can you bring to this committee -- especially as it relates to the specific role you are applying for?  *

What else would you like to share? *

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