Young Greens Steering Committee

The Young Greens Steering Committee is comprised of 9 positions. For more information about the roles and responsibilities of Steering Committee members, please see the YGUS By-laws

Co-Chair, Alison Bittick

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Co-Chair, Mish Chavez

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Education Chair, Jacob Falzone

Jacob is an adult student at Guilford College pursuing the following degrees: History B.A. and German Language and Culture B.A. with a minor in Philosophy. He intends to attend law school after graduation and practice environmental law. Jacob is most passionate about social justice and environmental wisdom. As a Young Green, Jacob has been rigorously involved with the national party, his local party, and the YGUS. In 2016 Jacob volunteered to be a regional volunteer coordinator for the Stein/Baraka campaign working directly with the state volunteer coordinator. On behalf of the YGUS, Jacob worked closely with the founding members of the International Indigenous Youth Council to co-organize a student and youth assembly on 19 January 2017 in Washing D.C. Also in 2017 he helped co-found the Triad North Carolina Greens. As co-chair he looks forward to working with his fellow committee members to address the issues facing young Americans. 

Outreach Chair, Brendan Phillips

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Media Chair, Brian

Brian grew up in South Suburban Chicago and now resides in New Jersey where he is the Young Greens/Campus Greens Coordinator. He joined the Green Party because of its commitment to peace and its resistance to the many forms of violence around the world. 

Finance Chair, Kat Myers

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National Delegate, Natalia Schuurman

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National Alternate Delegate, Zack Looney

Zack’s work in progressive activism began during high school when he was elected president of his high school’s Young Progressives club. Upon entering college, Zack found his home inside the Green Party and started a Young Greens chapter on MTSU’s campus. Zack has experience as a member on Healthy and Free TN’s Youth Council, advocating for reproductive rights and sexual health in addition to being a Tennessee Ambassador for Planned Parenthood. Much of Zack’s activist work has been focused on coalition building between advocates of various progressive issues. As a part of this push for intersectionality, Zack’s passion and activist work has been centered around ecology, anti-violence, civil rights for all, and reproductive rights. As a member of the Green Party Youth Caucus Steering Committee, Zack looks forward to doing all he can to strengthen and grow the party. 


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