Our next election cycle is underway. 

NOMINATIONS: The nomination period begins on Wednesday, August 9th and ends on August 18th at 11:59pm Eastern. You must email your nomination questionnaire to info@ygus.org. Find the questionnaire at ygus.org/questionnaire

Open positions up for election at this time:
--2 Co-Chair positions*
--1 Treasurer position
--2 Delegates to the National Committee

*There is also a by-laws amendment that will be voted up increasing the number of co-chairs from 4 to 6. If this passes, then the top 4 instead of the top 2 will be elected, with the 4th elected candidate receiving a short term of 6 months.

On August 18th at the end of the nomination period, please see ygus.org/candidates for information on all of the candidates.

- - -

VOTING: Voting will then begin on August 19th and last until August 29th at 11:59pm Eastern.

Please note, per our by-laws, only dues-paying caucus members are eligible to vote in caucus-wide elections and run as candidates. Please pay your dues at ygus.org/dues. A ballot will be emailed to everyone who has paid their dues on August 19th. We will periodically check if anyone else has paid their dues during the voting period, and if so, do our best to email them a ballot in a timely manner (within 24 hours) as well but are not liable for people paying their dues at the last minute not receiving a ballot. If you believe you have paid your dues but did not receive a ballot on the 19th, contact info@ygus.org.

- - - 

Please find out more about each of these positions in the by-laws.

Steering Committee positions are typically held for one year and are typically comprised of members who have been previously active in Green and Young Green organizing work -- whether that be on their campus, their local/state Green chapter, or a Green campaign. 

The Steering Committee is not the only way to be involved in the caucus. The Steering Committee often requests from its membership assistance for specific volunteer and support opportunities in addition to the general organizing work done nationwide by all of our members. We encourage all members and all candidates to stay involved in the caucus and contribute their skills and passion. 

Steering Committee positions are not to be considered simply ceremonial positions. They are work and service positions that mandate at minimum 10 hours of work each month to facilitate caucus functioning and growth. It can be more appropriately be thought of as the caucus's central Working Committee. 

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